Marina Bay & Singapore River

Marina Bay – Garden City by the Bay

Marina Bay is designed to seamlessly extend Singapore’s downtown district and further support the city-state’s continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia.

 Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, it comprises of a greenfield site surrounded by water and gardens. Marina Bay provides an opportunity for new urban transformation, attracting fresh new investments, visitors and talent, as well as becoming a new destination for Singapore residents. 

It is a 24/7, thriving and energetic place where people live, work and play. It has ushered in a new concept of city living that embraces all the opportunities and activities that the city has to offer.

Marina Bay

Singapore River

Great cities and civilization started along rivers. Here lies the beginning of modern Singapore history.

River Valley/Mohammed Sultan


mohammed sultan

mohammed sultan 2

Mohammed Sultan sights

Mohammed Sultan sights

Mohammed Sultan Shophouse


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