Keppel Bay & Sentosa

Keppel Bay presents the best in waterfront and urban lifestyles.

Located just a five-minute drive away from the Central Business District, Keppel Bay is part of Singapore’s vibrant southern shores comprising Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, HarbourFront and VivoCity, Singapore’s largest entertainment and retail hub.

Complementing Keppel Bay’s premier waterfront lifestyle is the Marina at Keppel Bay. Located on
Keppel Island, the marina is home to international luxury yachts. Opened in 2008, it has capacity for 168 yachts, including mega-yachts of up to 280 feet.

Marina at Keppel Bay was named the Green Maritime Company of the Year at the 7th Asia Boating Awards in Hong Kong and became the first in Asia to receive the Clean Marina Level 3 accreditation by the Marina Industry Association of Australia (MIAA). The voluntary accreditation system aims to promote clean environmental practices in the marina industry.

It was also awarded the MIAA 5 Gold Anchors rating, whose evaluation criteria covers 10 key areas including environmental protection practices. These certifications are testament to Marina at Keppel Bay’s efforts to protect the environment and marine life. Taking an active role in minimizing hazards that could potentially impact the environment, the marina offers a reticulated vacuum sewer pump-out system to ensure that sewage from vessels are not discharged into the waters. Boat owners are also encouraged to use biodegradable washing liquids and detergents when cleaning their yachts.

Marina at Keppel Bay is home to a kaleidoscope of coral reef life. The marina was constructed based on an ‘open concept’, which allows water to flow through the entire marina during the change of tides. As a result, currents that flow through the marina bring nutrients and plankton that are essential to stimulate marine life and coral growth.

Efforts are taken to sustain and calibrate the growth of marine life. For instance, fishing is not allowed within the marina, to help sustain a well-balanced eco-system and food chain. Divers regularly help to chart the growth of coral reef, animals, fish and plants through photographic captures.

As such, many sea plants and animals like the clown fish, juvenile batfish, tiger tail seahorse and sea turtles have made the marina their home. In addition, the green wall at the marina’s carpark has helped resident flora and fauna flourish. With an area of about 300 square metres, the vertical green wall features two types of vines. The vines reduce the amount of light and heat reflected from the concrete and significantly reduces the amount of heat trapped in the carpark.

Reflections at keppel bay



When Sentosa Cove unveiled its first land parcels for sale in 2003, it heralded a new era of luxury living in Singapore. For the first time, homes could be built right on the waterfront, with waves lapping just a few metres from the edge. Residents could look forward to the full trappings of an active marina lifestyle in an exclusive cosmopolitan community. Singapore – and indeed, the region – had never seen anything like this before. Today, Sentosa Cove boasts an impressive showcase of prestigious property developments, from luxury high-rise apartments to cosy terrace houses to signature bungalows. Designed by award-winning architects both local and international, these buildings have set a new standard for iconic residential architecture in Singapore.

An evolving masterplan

From the start, Sentosa Cove was destined to be primarily a resort residential zone – the only such area on the island – though it would also include a hotel resort, yacht club and marina. As Sentosa matured into a leading leisure destination, Sentosa Cove would become the residence of choice for those who would enjoy having an island resort as their playground. In refining its blueprint for a premier waterfront community, Sentosa Development enlisted the expertise of foreign consultants, drawing upon the best of their varied experiences with seaside developments around the world.

Building the cove

When the land use masterplan for the Cove was finalise, five islands were carved out of the reclaimed land – Coral, Paradise, Sandy, Treasure and Pearl – along with a corresponding series of canals. This process entailed the construction of bridges and 3-metre high canal walls, which ran 4 kilometres in length. A combination of revetments and 5-metre high seawalls were constructed around the marina basin. To provide a constant circulation of seawater in the canals, sluices and locks were introduced to control the flow of seawater in and out of the canals. After the reclamation works were completed, the land was largely left to compact and settle, though there was still ongoing work such as the construction of roads, laying out of street lighting and planting of trees in the northern two-thirds of the reclaimed land. All told, the reclamation increased the size of Sentosa island by nearly 25 percent. With careful planning and sophisticated engineering, this recovered an unremarkable island of casuarinas and coconut trees, and turned it into the lush environs of Sentosa Cove.


While enhancing the appeal and privacy of the residential developments, the commercial possibilities of the site was also explored of the site, in anticipation of the marina becoming an important nexus of activity for the public as well as for Cove residents. New features included an arrival plaza with a dramatic panoramic view of the marina harbour, and a boardwalk promenade along the waterfront, linking the marina at one end to a landmark hotel at the other; the promenade would be lined with shops, restaurants and bars. These additions to the masterplan would heighten the appeal of Sentosa Cove to residents and visitors alike, turning it into a public destination with the marina as its commercial focal point.

An emerging lifestyle community

Today, the Cove has been transformed into a highly cosmopolitan community consisting residents coming from around the world, who enjoy a unique waterfront living lifestyle. With the azure sea and lapping waves at its doorstep, Sentosa Cove’s residents can enjoy mooring their private yachts at their very own backyards, while enjoying easy access to over 200 leisure and lifestyle offerings, including Universal Studios Singapore theme park, luxurious hotels, spas, restaurants and attractions, alongside lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches and championship golf courses. All these undoubtedly reinforce Sentosa as Asia’s favourite playground.



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