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3 New MRT Stations make the Circle Line a full circle in 2025

SINGAPORE: Three more train stations – Keppel, Cantonment and Prince Edward – will be added to the Circle Line (CCL) by 2025, closing the loop for the orbital line.

These stations will be located along a 4-kilometre stretch connecting the existing CCL HarbourFront station to Marina Bay station. With this extension, the Circle Line will span 33 stations strung out over 40km of tracks.

Announcing the finalised alignment and stations during a visit to the Tuas West Extension on Thurdsay (Oct 29), Senior Minister of State for Transport Ng Chee Meng said that by the time the line is fully completed, more than a third of stations – 12 out of 33 – will be interchanges.

The orbital line will improve connectivity so that commuters can transfer between lines without entering the city centre and reach their destinations more quickly, he added.

Said Mr Ng: “Besides making transfers to other lines much more convenient, CCL6 will support direct East-West travel, enhancing overall connectivity between areas such as Paya Lebar and Mountbatten, and areas such as Pasir Panjang, Kent Ridge and Harbourfront. More importantly, commuters will also enjoy a direct route to the CBD and the Marina Bay area.”

Commuters will have a direct route between areas in the west like Pasir Panjang and Kent Ridge, and key employment areas in the Central Business District.

How Circle Line 6 will integrate with the other existing lines when it is completed.

The extension will also lead to time savings. For example, a commuter will take 35 minutes to travel from West Coast and Indoor Stadium, compared to 45 minutes currently.

Keppel station will be located along Keppel Road. “Keppel station will enjoy a unique landscape theme, in line with our vision of Singapore that is City in a Garden,” said Mr Ng. “It will have an undulating green roof with tree-like columns in a natural setting. There will also be an underground bicycle park which will allow cyclists direct access to the concourse.”

Artist’s impression of the entrance and concourse of the upcoming Keppel MRT station.

Cantonment station will be built in the vicinity of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, with its design inspired by the old train station.

The heritage building, which has been designated as a National Monument, will not be affected, the Land Transport Authority said. However, parts of the former railway station’s platform will need to be removed for the new underground Cantonment station.

LTA is looking at several options, which include dismantling and then reinstating the old platform, or creating a replica of the old platform.

Artist’s impression of the platform of the upcoming Cantonment MRT station.

Prince Edward station will be located near Bestway Building, Hock Teck See Temple and Haji Muhammad Salleh mosque. These buildings will not be affected by construction works, said LTA.

It added that while all efforts have been made to minimise land acquisition, four part lots of private land consisting of open areas, grass verges, container stacking lots and driveways will be acquired. LTA said as these lots will only be partially affected, the landowners will be able to remain in their current premises.

Artist’s impression of the entrances and concourse of the upcoming Prince Edward MRT station.

Separately, the Circle Line’s Kim Chuan Depot will also be expanded by 2025 to cater to future needs. Its capacity will be almost doubled – from 70 to 133 trains. The integrated depot will also house 550 buses.

As for the Tuas West Extension, which will have four new stations, LTA says it is on track to open by the end of 2016.