Jurong Town Hall will be gazetted as national monument

Jurong Town Hall has become the first conserved building to be gazetted as a national monument.

The National Heritage Board (NHB) said on Monday that Jurong Town Hall’s national monument status ensures that its historical features will be accorded the highest level of legal protection.

In 2005, the hall, located at Jurong East, had been awarded conservation status by the Urban Revedelopment Authority (URA) in recognition of the historical significance it played in Singapore’s economic and industrial progress.

Jurong Town Corporation, which was formed in 1968 to develop the Jurong area, moved into the hall in 1974.

NHB said the hall’s change in status from conserved building to national monument ensures that it will be protected by preservation guidelines.

“(The hall) will undergo a regular cycle of inspections to ensure its proper upkeep,” said the board.

Ms Jean Wee, NHB’s director of preservation of sites and monuments division, said the board has made a conscious decision to preserve landmarks other than colonial buildings.

“After 50 years, what helps define us, is our heritage and our attitude towards wanting to discover it and preserve it,” she added.

Jurong Town Hall was built based on a winning entry by local firm Architects Team 3 in an architectural design competition. It was opened officially by former Finance Minister Hon Sui Sen on June 2, 1975.

The hall is the 69th national monument. Other buildings which have been awarded this status include Cathay Building, Macdonald House and City Hall.



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