Singapore is China’s 2nd most popular investment destination after US

By 2017, China’s outbound direct investment could reach US$264B outstripping its FDI. According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore has remains its position as China’s second most popular investment after US in 2014. Its diverse industrial structure ranging from high-tech biomedical manufacturing, Petrochemicals and Liquified Natural Gas Trading, to infrastructure development propels the Republic’s position over Hong Kong’s, despite that the latter is at the door step of the economic giant sharing cultural threads. Hong Kong is still relying on a few sectors to drive its economy. The China Going Global Investment Index ranks 67 countries on their attractiveness to Chinese overseas investment, featuring 55 indicators or opportunity and risk.

EIU forecasts Singapore’s economy to expand by more than 4 percent annually in 2014-2018 compared to Hong Kong’s 2-3 percent in the same period.

The top 10 destinations according to the report includes:

1. US

2. Singapore

3. Hong Kong

4. Australia

5. Canada

6. Japan

7. Switzerland

8. Russia

9. Taiwan

10. Norway

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