SLA to release historical maps from 1954-2009

For the very first time, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will make available to the public 23 editions of historical street maps dating from 1954 to 2009. The maps are downloadable as images. The maps will be available free to the public on OneMap from 1 September 2014.

Released in conjunction with IDA’s “Data in the City: Visualisation Challenge” for SG50, users can use such street map data to generate geovisualizations. On its own, or used together with other sources, the public can use these maps to showcase or chart Singapore’s growth over the years in terms of town and urban development and transportation network, among others.

Commenting on the release of the historical street maps, SLA CE Vincent Hoong said, “We hope the public will find these maps useful. We encourage Singaporeans to generate interesting geo-visualizations of Singapore’s development over the years to commemorate SG50.”

SLA is partnering IDA for the “Data in the City: Visualisation Challenge” for SG50. It aims to have the public tell Singapore’s story about its change and development through data visualizations. Each digital visualisation must use at least one government data from or OneMap to depict an aspect of Singapore and the way we live, work and play.




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