NHB project to document Malay cemetery

The tombstones and epigraphy carved by Javanese and Chinese stone carvers, for instance, reflect the settlement’s socio-cultural diversity, according to the project’s lead researcher, Assistant Professor Imran Tajudeen of the National University of Singapore’s department of architecture.

The NHB had commissioned a team compromising academics from NUS and other experts to do the project.

The raffia strings and tags are part of the effort. The strings, for instance, help cluster the matching headstones and footstones of each grave.

Mr Alvin Tan, NHB’s group director of policy, said the project is part of its ongoing efforts to document sites of historic interest.

Jalan Kubor is one of the earliest Malay cemeteries and the aim is to unearth “insights into the Malay community’s historical identity, the significance of the cemetery to Kampung Glam and its development, as well as Singapore’s connection to the Malay world”.

“We also hope to document the notable personalities and community leaders buried there, such as Haji Ambok Sooloh Haji Omar and Syed Alwee Ali Aljunied,” he added.

Associate Professor Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied from the NUS Department of Malay Studies attributes the dearth of research on the cemetery and its neglect to a “pervasive historical amnesia on the part of Singaporeans” and the Malay community’s lack of resources.

The project is long overdue, said Ms Savita Kashyap, a director of research and consultancy at Singapore History Consultants, which specialises in heritage education and research consultancy services.

“The cemetery has always been a mystery and efforts to trace lineages have been largely incomplete,” she added.

Singapore Heritage Society president Chua Ai Lin wants the burial ground protected as part of the Kampung Glam conservation district.

“The cemetery is an important component of urban settlement and morphology. It makes more sense to include it in the heritage zone of Kampung Glam for a holistic and robust interpretation of the area,” said Dr Chua.

– See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/nhb-project-document-malay-cemetery?page=0%2C1#sthash.20JH3tUq.dpuf


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