Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall returns with grandiose

After a $158-million refurbishment that took more than four years, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall have emerged as a practically brand new grand dame.

The two buildings are now integrated into one seamless space with the venues retaining the intimacy and old-world charm generations of theatre- and concert-goers remember. It also promises to fill the gap for medium-sized performance art venues here.

On a media tour last week, architects Mok Wei Wei and Ng Weng Pan of W Architects Pte Ltd pointed not just to newly-improved spaces but also highlighted the special care taken to retain several old architectural elements.

For instance, artisans were flown in from South India to work on pillar carvings while several elements from the earlier theatre have been re-used. Old chairs have been recycled and mounted on the foyer wall instead of being thrown away, resulting in what looks like an installation art work.

When the doors finally re-open on July 15 with a Singapore Symphony Orchestra performance, audience members will step into a theatre that retains its sense of grandeur as well as its original spirit. From the Old Parliament Lane side, the central atrium’s high transparent ceiling channels stunning views of the clock tower.

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