The new software-defined IT wave and Genmobile

The new technology wave is getting into new trends. Software defined and a more tech-savvy workforce. The following articles give some insights to the new tech wave.

INFORMATION technology (IT) is undergoing a paradigm shift and the new wave of companies that will emerge as winners across the entire industry spectrum would comprise those that have reinvented themselves into software-defined enterprises, says Eric Goh, EMC Singapore’s managing director. Speaking to BizIT, Mr Goh noted that four powerful trends are at play: mobile, cloud computing, Big Data and social networking. “Collectively, these four trends comprise what research firm IDC calls the ‘third platform’ of IT (the first being mainframe, and the second being PC client/server) and critical to its success will be an underlying foundation of security, privacy and trust.

“The future promises to be both extremely disruptive and rich in opportunity for companies, IT professionals and IT vendors alike, creating new sets of winners across a rapidly evolving industry,” Mr Goh said.

Software-defined enterprises will leverage software and build new applications that harness new sources of data to redefine their strategy and drive structural changes to their advantage, he added.

“IT has never been as important to businesses as it is today, and that trend will only continue to intensify,” he said. “Unless IT organisations transform themselves, they face the threat of becoming completely irrelevant.”

WITH a new generation of tech-savvy workers entering the workforce, enterprises need their IT departments to design a mobile network that allows instant access from anywhere, at any time.

Albert Tay, Aruba Networks’ Asean GM, feels that in order to be a leader in today’s competitive business world, enterprises need their IT departments to help attract and retain young tech-savvy employees, whom he labels as #GenMobile.

“Enterprises can accomplish this by creating a truly all-wireless workplace where WiFi is pervasive, guest and BYOD (bring your own device) security are automated, office appliances are mobile-device friendly, and communications applications on mobile devices simply work better,” Mr Tay told BizIT.

Aruba Networks recently did an Asia-Pacific survey to find out how important mobility has become in the work space. “We asked over 5,500 members of the public across Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand,” Mr Tay said.

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